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Are speed limiters on the way for all new cars?

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From  6th July 2022, all new cars sold in the EU must be fitted with speed limiters fitted as standard.  The limiters, technically known as Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) will also need to be retro fitted to any new cars currently in showrooms.   The deadline for this is July 7th 2024. Reduced Journey Times Advocates […]

‘Catastrophic’ backlog at driving licence body, warns union

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Union says decisions made by managers at the DVLA driving licence body have meant a “catastrophic” processing backlog of 1.4 million cases. Mark Serwotka, head of the Public and Commercial Services union, said if staff were allowed to work from home the backlog could be reduced. He told Transport Committee MPs other members of the […]

Death toll on smart motorways hits new record

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From Sunday Times article February 21st 2021 A delayed report by the Department of Transport reveals an increase in the number of deaths related to smart motorways. There were 14 fatalities in 2019 on motorways where hard shoulders operate as full-time or part- time traffic lanes, according to data collected by the DfT but not […]

Smart Motorways: Highways England referred to CPS over M1 death

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From BBC Sheffield & South Yorkshire  12th February 2021  Highways England should be investigated over possible manslaughter charges after a woman’s death on a smart motorway, a coroner has said. A week after Transport Secretary Grant Shapps described smart motorways as “not so smart”,   a coroner has stated that Highways England should be referred to […]

Five people per day still dying on UK roads. But the trend is down

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There were 1,752 reported road deaths in 2019, similar to the level seen since 2012, which follows a period of substantial reduction in fatalities from 2006 to 2010. The figures were reported in the government’s reported road casualties annual report for 2019   There were 25,945 serious injuries in road traffic accidents reported to the […]

Tyres over 10 years old on heavy vehicles to be banned from February 2021

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  Earlier this year, the Government announced that tyres aged over 10 years will be banned on the front axles of lorries, buses, coaches and all single wheels of minibuses (9 to 16 passenger seats). The legislation takes effect on 1 February 2021. We will be enforcing the legislation at roadside checks along with the […]

Only 41% of company car and van drivers receive any formal driver training

First Published May 2015   There is a real perception at the moment that fleet managers and training managers in companies within any industry are simply not spending the money on training their drivers. In fact, over 59% of companies are failing to provide appropriate training for their drivers. Given the facts and implications of […]

Defensive Driver Training | Shocking Figures On Untrained Fleet Drivers

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  There is no doubt that the recession and continuing economic climate have made companies look at their training budgets as an easy cost to cut.   Training budgets are always the first to go in any crack down on costs because there is no immediate visible or quantifiable impact on company or individual’s performance. […]