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JAUPT Clarify Rules on CPC Course Repetition



Following an earlier statement regarding unnecessary repetition of periodic CPC courses, JAUPT (the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training) have now clarified the rules for training centres and drivers.


The Regulations specify  that a range of different subjects should be covered over the driver’s 35 hours of training. DVSA/JAUPT will monitor training uploads and potentially take action
against drivers and trainers if we identify unnecessary repetition of course attendance in a rolling 5-year period.

Trainers should encourage variety when drivers are choosing periodic training. Doing the same course five-times in quick succession cannot be justified. However, we know there are circumstances where repetition of periodic training is appropriate within a structured training regime, such as:


Maintaining a qualification – where a training course contributes to another qualification e.g. first aid or ADR


Remedial training – If a driver did not understand or needs additional training
because their operator has specified they need to repeat for safety or insurance
purposes. DVSA cites the most common issues identified at the road side that can be
addressed via training as – identifying vehicle defects, drivers hours/tachographs,
weight limits and securing a load.


Change in regulation/best practice – if the law or accepted best practice changes,
as tachograph rules did in 2020

You should retain records of correspondence with drivers/operators for audit purposes. DVSA expects that vocational trainers will apply professional judgement to  decide under what circumstances a driver might legitimately require repeat training.

The bulletin acknowledges that training centres are not solely responsible for a driver’s training choices and face difficult and ambiguous situations such as


A driver has never trained with me before -1 don’t know what training they have already done?

We expect trainers to enquire about the driver’s training history, evidence the discussions and try to encourage development focused training when possible.


A driver’s DQC is about to expire and they have done all my courses . Should I allow repetition so they can maintain their DQC?

A driver leaving their training late is not an acceptable reason for them to miss the opportunity to become a safer driver. We encourage trainers to maintain enough courses to provide suitable variety – if you cannot do this you should refer the driver elsewhere.


A driver has only undergone modular courses so I can’t tell what subjects they have done?

We have changed the process so modular courses should be named more specifically on the certificate of attendance to help drivers monitor their training. Trainers should ask
questions about a driver’s training history encouraging variety when possible.

DVSA knows most operators and trainers of good repute will already encourage a varied training regime. Operators and trainers who allow drivers to repeat the same course
unnecessarily create a road-safety risk and damage the reputation of the driver training
industry as a whole.

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