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CPC Courses Can Not Be Repeated

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In a bulletin dated 27th July 2020,  DCPC JAUPT:0349,  JAUPT (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training)  informed CPC training centres of changes to the regulations based on a review and consultation with bodies involved in the delivery and users of periodic training.


Among the changes advised was ” Drivers should complete 7 hours of training a year and aim to cover a range of subjects. They should not repeat the same course unless there is a specific need. If DVSA believe you have knowingly allowed a driver to repeat courses, they may revoke the driver’s periodic training hours, or their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DQC) card. DVSA may also take action against you for knowingly delivering repeat training.”


We were surprised to glean from that statement that the onus coupled with the threat of “action” seems to be on the training company to ensure that no delegates are repeating a seven hour course in their five year period.  Over the past 11 years we have had plenty of clients who have shamelessly put a driver on the same course five times, sometimes five days in a row,  just to get the training done and the appropriate box ticked.  So we understand and support this measure.


However, not every organisation is organised enough to give us advanced notice of the delegates attending on that day.  Without that information we are unable to check our training records to ensure compliance. Added to that is the fact that a driver may have attended a CPC course on Fitness & Health with another training provider at another company.  We have no way of knowing this.  There are also numerous last-minute changes to delegates attending which leaves no time to run a check.


Further discussions with JAUPT suggest that repeating a course for a specific training need is acceptable.  We know from experience that the most common course that drivers repeat is associated with Drivers’ Hours and Digital Tachograph regulations.  Our 3.5 hour CPC module is designed to be easily understood in what can be a challenging topic for the professional driver and fleet operator.  We have also devised a short course, delivered as a workshop, to help drivers to avoid errors when making Manual Entries when using digital tachographs.
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